Commissions and “Inspired Repeats” Available.


Vancouver. SOLD

Ocean Sister, SOLD

The Kelp Line, SOLD

Heart of a Cedar, 24 x 30″. Contact Artist for Price

Misty Horizon SOLD

Snow Day, 11×14″ The Backyard Gang. Contact Artist for Price

Foxy, SOLD, and First Place winner at 2023 Saanich Fair. 

Sequoia Sister 2 SOLD

The Painted Rock Phase, Rocks No Longer Available

Fan Tan Alley, China Town, Victoria, BC SOLD

Shimmer, 12 x 16″. Contact Artist for Price

Shelter. 18×36″ Contact Artist for Price

Sacred Stones, Lookout at Beacon Hill Park, BC NFS


Shimmer 2, 12 x 16. Contact Artist for Price

Pickles Bluff Lookout, Saanichton, BC NFS


Mile Zero NFS

Upon Reflection. 18 x 36, SOLD

Some Charcoal:Contact Artist for Prices



The Yellow Umbrella, Downtown Victoria, 16×20. SOLD

Camas in Spring, Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC. 11×14″Contact Artist for Price

Spring Meadow (Below Mile Zero, Trans Canada Hwy, Victoria, BC 16×20″. Contact Artist for Price

Rise Again! (proceeds to the Ukrainian Cultural Centre). 16 x 20″. Contact Artist for Price

Captured Sunshine 8 x 10, Inktense and paper. Contact Artist for Price

Jammin’ (Inspired by Slash, from GNR) NFS

Fisgard Icon 2, Esquimalt Lagoon. BC. 9 x 12″. Contact Artist for Price

The Picnic. Acrylic on Canvas. 1st Place Winner & People’s Choice Award, Saanich Fair 2018. SOLD

Fancy, 18″ x 24″, acrylic on canvas. (contact

Fisgard Icon. The lighthouse at Fort Rodd Hill. Colwood. BC. Acrylics on canvas. SOLD

Flight! (Tesselation/Tiling) Inktense on Paper. Contact Artist for Price

Chook. SOLD

The Treat. NFS

Breaktime. Acrylics on Canvas. NFS


The Ballerinas SOLD

Sister Sequoia. Commissioned. Inspired by a tree in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC

Visions of Sugar Plums. Nutmeg and Shadow. Available as a card. Original NFS

Sip. Crows on the Gorge River. Acrylics on Canvas. 11″ x 14″ SOLD

Blue. NFS

Surf. (1, 2, and 3) SOLD

The Little Ladder. SOLD

Follow the Sun. NFS

My Dragon. Pencil Crayon on Paper. NFS (Available as a card)

Christmas Treats NFS (available as a card)

The Red Umbrella. SOLD 

A Whale of a Party. Marker and watercolour. Available as card. NFS

The Clam Hunter, acrylics on canvas, 12″ x 16″  SOLD

Story, SOLD (Inktense on Paper)

Dinosaur Toes. #1 NFS, #2 Gifted, #3 SOLD (source photo used with permission by the Crowtographer)

Friends. Beacon Hill Park. Acrylics on Canvas. 20″ x 30″,Contact Artist for Price

Blue in Profile, SOLD

Crab Baby, acrylics on canvas, 11″ x 14″.Contact Artist for Price

Hollyhock Lane, Oak Bay, BC. SOLD

Wash Day. Inktense Pencil on Paper. Contact Artist for Price

Counting Crows. NFS

The Mystic. SOLD

Not Scared Crows. SOLD

Bliss. SOLD

Gateway to Narnia. Government House gazebo, Victoria. BC NFS

A Family, A Fair. Contest Theme, Saanich Fair. SOLD

Launch, SOLD

Iconic Coastline. West Coast Trail. BC Acrylics on Canvas. SOLD

Blaze. SOLD

The Blue Umbrella. SOLD

Sidney Pier, Sidney BC, SOLD

Joy. Chinese Gate, Fisgard Street, Victoria, BC, SOLD

Sauce. Inktense on Paper. 8″ x 10″. Contact Artist for Price

The Soul in the Mirror, charcoal on paper. NFS

Ripple and Ripples (Ripple 2) both SOLD Acrylics on Canvas. 22″ x 30″

Beached. SOLD

“The Pollen Collector” Acrylic on Canvas.  11″ x 14″ SOLD

Harbour Reflections, 18×24″, acrylics on canvas, SOLD (
Crunch! (Emily Carr’s House of All Sorts backyard), 16″x16″, acrylic on canvas. Contact Artist for Price
Cedar Song (Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC) Acrylic on Canvas. 18″ x 36″ SOLD
Fisgard Icon (Fort Rodd Hill, Victoria, BC), Acrylic on Canvas. 16″ x 20″ SOLD

French Beach Trio (French Beach Provincial Park, BC), Acrylic on Canvas. 16″ x 20″ SOLD
Ardent Arbour (Horticultural Centre of the Pacific, BC), Acrylic on Canvas, 16″ x 20″. Contact Artist for Price
Strait, Rails and Gulls, 16×20″, acrylics and canvas, SOLD
The Nursery Tree (East Sooke Park, Iron Mine Bay, BC), Acrylic on Canvas. Pallet knife & brush. 30″ x 36″ SOLD
Lanterns SOLD
The Moment (Sunset on the Gorge River, BC), Acrylic on Canvas. Pallet knife and brush. SOLD
Sidney Pier and Glass (Sidney, BC), Acrylic on Canvas. Pallet knife and brush. 16″ x 20″ SOLD
Sashay Cedars, 16″ X 20″, acrylic on canvas. SOLD
Gateway, acrylic on canvas, Beacon Hill, Victoria, BC, 30″ x 36″ SOLD
Island View Beach. 9″ x 12″ Acrylics on Canvas. Contact Artist for Price
Big Boi, Sequoia, Beacon Hill park, Victoria, BC. 16″ x 20″, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″. Contact Artist for Price
The Notch 5, fully en plein air painting, acrylics on canvas, 11″ x 14″. Contact Artist for Price
Making Memories (fishing on the Gorge), 18×36″, acrylics on canvas. SOLD (
Swirl, 11″ x 14″, acrylic on canvas. SOLD
Curtis Point Swimmers Rock (Spring on the Gorge River, Victoria, BC), 9×12″, acrylics on canvas. Contact Artist for Price
Sweeper 2 (Douglas and Simcoe Beacon Hill Park entrance), 16×20″, acrylics on canvas SOLD
Aylard Farm Beach (East Sooke Park, BC), 12×16″, acrylics on canvas SOLD
Greens of Goldstream (Goldstream Park, BC), 12×16″, acrylics on canvas. Contact Artist for Price