My Classes

There’s a spot open in my “Zroom” Classes for students! My best contact method is by email:

As parents and grands, you’ll be noticing areas where your children need just a wee bit more support, or a safe place to decompress, or an hour of guided fun for their own strengths and interests, or all of the above!

My new Zoom teaching program is up and running. The combination of printed worksheets, the Zoom whiteboard, a Tablet, and other surprising elements has been exciting and fun.

You haven’t lived until you’ve played an interactive Spot the Differences game on a Zoom whiteboard, or drawn Silly Squiggles together!

Programs are tailored to your child’s specific needs, and include Journalling, Critical Thinking, Writing Skills, Art and all things Art, reading, games for confidence building, Nature, Science, Life Skills, and my signature lesson: the Why Not Day where the student plans the lesson, and so much more!

My students and parents are pleased with the lessons and the results we’re seeing. Two professional organizations also engage my services: Self Design Learning Foundation out of Vancouver, BC, and Tutoring With A Twist on Vancouver Island. The reviews make me blush, but the point is, the children are settled, engaged, and safe.

By moving online I hope to reach more children than I could in-person, and share the effective tools I’ve developed for confidence and anxiety management, through the vehicle of the arts and humanities, and other subjects.

My fee is $30 an hour. The first hour is free, and includes training for the child and Crew (mom, dad, grands and others helping behind the scenes!) on how to navigate and use all that Zoom technology.

“Crew” are responsible for printing out worksheets at your end. Supplies are extra and with your pre-arranged approval. A monthly report is also included and parent-teacher meetings as needed.

Currently I have room in the “Zroom” so let’s chat! My best contact method is by email:

Thanks, Tutor Jean 🙂